Friday, September 15, 2006

Parish Activities

Epiphany party
(January 2005)
In the bowels of the earth with the Young Aduldt Group
(September 2004)

Our soccer team is ready for the next World Cup

Holy Mass for our Boys Scouts

Parish activities

Children choir
(Christmas 2005)

Rummage Sale

Eucharistic Congress

(June 2006)

Open mic

Rome (Georgia, not Italy)

En quête de pétrole !

Ni pétrole, ni trésor des Templiers

Mais la joie d'avoir creusé !

Our parish

Le charme de la Georgie
au printemps !

Thursday, September 14, 2006

World cup final

MC was cheering for France, of course !

Ni hao !

Independance Day
(July 4th 2006)
Picnic with our Chineese friends

Farewell Dinner

August 2006

Three more vocations from the Parish, joining the Fraternity Seminary in Denton, Nebraska.